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White Bread – a new book by Christine Sleeter

White Bread

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In White Bread, readers accompany Jessica on a journey into her family’s past, into herself, and into the bicultural community she teaches but does not understand. Jessica, a fictional White fifth-grade teacher, is prompted to explore her family history by the unexpected discovery of a hundred-year-old letter. Simultaneously, she begins to grapple with culture and racism, principally through discussions with a Mexican American teacher. White Bread pulls readers into a tumultuous six months of Jessica’s life as she confronts many issues that turn out to be interrelated, such as why she knows so little about her family’s past, why she craves community as she feels increasingly isolated, why the Latino teachers want the curriculum to be more Latino, and whether she can become the kind of teacher who sparks student learning. The storyline alternates between past and present, acquainting readers with German American communities in the Midwest during the late 1800s and early 1900s, portraits based on detailed historic excavation. What happened to these communities gives Jessica the key to unlock answers to questions that plague her. White Bread can be read simply for pleasure. It can also be used in teacher education, ethnic studies, and sociology courses. Beginning teachers may see their own struggles reflected in Jessica’s classroom. People of European descent might see themselves within, rather than outside, multicultural studies. White Bread can also be used in conjunction with family history research.




Christine E. Sleeter is a researcher, teacher, and writer who is best known for her work in critical multicultural education, and her insights into white people grappling with race. She holds the title of Professor Emerita in the College of Professional Studies at California State University Monterey Bay, where she was a founding faculty member. Previously she taught at Ripon College and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. She is currently involved in work supporting ethnic studies and multicultural education in schools. She is a sought-after speaker both in the U.S. and internationally. She has been honored with awards that include the American Educational Research Association Social Justice in Education Award, the Chapman University Paulo Freire Education Project Social Justice Award, and the National Association for Multicultural Education Research Award. A prolific academic writer with nineteen books and over 100 articles to her credit, she is also a fiction writer. Her debut novel is entitled White Bread.



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Icy Smith Half Spoon of Rice Three Years and Eight Months



Congratulations to Icy Smith of East West Discovery Press for being chosen this year as the winner of the MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN’S PUBLICATION AWARD (2014) from the National Association for Multicultural Education
Ms. Smith was recognized for two remarkable publications “Three Years and Eight Months” and “Half Spoon of Rice.” 

The award presentation will take place during the 24th Annual International NAME Conference in Tucson, Arizona from November 5–9, 2014.  On Saturday, November 8th, the award will be presented at the Award’s Banquet starting at 6:30 pm.  

For more information please go to

East West Discovery Press will be exhibiting at the NAME Conference.



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