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How to Create a Schoolwide Approach to Creating Multicultural Awareness

Many educators believe it’s the schools job to help its students become culturally aware and tolerant individuals by educating them on how different cultures and perspectives contribute to history and future experiences.

In line with this, according to, “[a]uthors James Banks and Cherry McGee in their book, Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, recommend two strategies that, when implemented schoolwide over time, have the potency to create lasting multicultural awareness in students.”

First, the authors recommend tracing the evolution of science, literature, music, art, and sports and making sure students are aware of the diverse beginnings of each, depending on the subject at hand. “[T]he emphasis is on how [the subject] emerged from a diverse mix of influences. United States history would reflect how our common history emerged out of an interaction of influences from various racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and national groups,” the article said.

Additionally, the article offers a worksheet educators can use to get students talking about societal issues such as “perspectives on civil rights issues in the past, voting rights at different points in time, or recent police shootings of African American males,” to individual school issues such as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights; students with disabilities; star performers; different cultural and ethnic groups in schools; and limited-English speakers.” To access the worksheet and read the article, click here.

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Cultural Competency in Today’s Increasingly Multicultural World

Published on Apr 29, 2015

What exactly is multicultural education anyway? Recent EPSA grad, Samson Lim, will pose some in-depth questions to one of his mentors, William Howe, digging in to the subject of cultural competency—a phrase we’re hearing more and more. But what are its implications? We must prepare our young people to enter into a diverse world and global economy which requires learning certain cultural and social skills. Strong academic preparation is no longer sufficient. Becoming knowledgeable about other cultures, learning another language and developing masterful people skills is essential for the next generation to succeed in a world that gets smaller yet more complex. You’ll hear more about how multicultural education currently exists in the larger national debates around policy and implementation and how relevant multicultural education is in light of current education policy from high-stakes testing to the Common Core. As time permits they will also explore other hot topics related to Howe’s work including Title IX and bullying.

William Howe (Ed.D. ’91), 2015 Distinguished Alumnus; State Title
IX Coordinator & Education Consultant for Multicultural Education,
Connecticut State Department of Education

Samson Lim (M.A. ’14), National Director of Graduate and Fellowship
Programs, The Posse Foundation



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