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This is my virtual file cabinet of articles, videos and other resources I have found useful in my teaching. I hope you find this site helpful.

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Favorite textbooks for multicultural education.

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Teaching may not be the oldest profession, but probably the most noble.

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Patient Education Video – CASTING CALL

sickleThe audience of this finished product will be other kids and adults with the disease who are considering participating in medical studies or clinical trials.  It pays $1,000 if selected to shoot the video. If the child is selected, both child and guardian/parent will be in the video together.
This project will be filming on Saturday 9/19 in Hartford, CT. 

Gender: Males and Females: Male or Female

Ethnicity: African-American (only)

Age: Children age 10 and older; Adults any age

Now seeking African-American children and adults diagnosed with sickle cell disease who have previously participated in a clinical study or medical trial.

Must be prepared to discuss your experience of participating in a clinical study direct to camera, in the form of a “patient interview”. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian; guardian may also be required to contribute to interview.

If after a casting pre-interview, you are hired for this project, you will need to be available for a full day of filming.

For those hired after the pre-interview process, we are offering as compensation for your time a one-time, all-inclusive fee of $1,000.00 per patient.

**Please do NOT submit an application if you do not have sickle cell disease or have not participated in a clinical study before.**

Usage:  This short video will be utilized to educate other sickle cell patients about the process of going through a clinical trial. You will be expected to discuss your experiences both with the disease itself, and the clinical trial process you underwent. Finished video will be aired on a public-facing clinical study website, in offices of doctors, and possibly on YouTube as a public video.



(310) 428-9380 c.

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Honoring our 25th Anniversary-NAME’s new book

Honoring our 25th Anniversary-NAME’s new book

In honor of our 25th Anniversary
NAME is excited to announce the publication of this important NAME book about Multicultural Education–

“Multicultural  Education:
A Renewed Paradigm of Transformation
and Call to Action”
(Click “More Info” to see sale price and pre-sale info)
A major purpose of this book is to commemorate the accomplishments, endurance, and continuing existence of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). NAME serves as anational and international forum for examining dehumanizing issues affecting students of color and other marginalized children and youth.
This commemorative book includes chapters  by James A. Banks, Geneva Gay, Carl A. Grant, Sonia Nieto, Christine Sleeter, H. Prentice Baptiste, Bill Howe and others. These NAME and Multicultural Education giants address curriculum and instruction, critical examination of the politicization of education, high stakes testing, Intersectionality, Globalization of education, research trends, Multicultural Teacher preparation and much more.
Many of these great authors will be a part of the NAME Silver Anniversary Conference October 1-4. There will be many opportunities to discuss the book with them and to have your book autographed.

Book list price: $29.95
25th anniversary, pre-sale price: $25.00

The book is available by advance-sale as a part of online conference registration and will be available for sale at the conference.
If you are not attending the conference this year, to reserve your copy of the book–
Please contact

The book is going to sell out! Be sure to get your copy and get it autographed at the NAME 25th Anniversary Conference!

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