The ally within | John Dehlin |

If you have access to HBO and have not yet seen the documentary, Believer, you may want to consider watching it.  As you likely know, the LDS Church has taken a strong stand against LGBTQ communities.  There has been a spike in suicides among Mormons from these backgrounds in recent years.  The documentary Believer is about Dan Reynolds, the front man for rock group Imagine Dragons, who is LDS and is conflicted with his church’s stand against these communities. He has led efforts to bring change among Mormons and the documentary details his efforts.
In the video, is a clip with Mormon psychologist John Dehlin who gave a TED Talk in 2013, that in part led to his ex-communication from the LDS Church. Dehlin addresses the need for love and inclusiveness to be extended to the LGBT community. The TED talk is also worth watching  (