The Teaching Diverse Students Initiative

The most significant educational challenge facing the United States is the tragically low academic achievement of many students of color. TDSi helps educators meet the challenge with a collection of research-based tools and resources designed to improve the teaching of racially and ethnically diverse students.

It’s not necessary to join to explore. Visitors have access to most TDSi tools and learning resources.

TDSI should be used by:

Schools and Districts – K-12 teachers, school leaders, professional learning communities and school improvement teams, working alone or in groups, use these professional development tools to improve instructional practice and create positive school environments.

Colleges of Education – College faculty use these tools in courses designed to prepare pre-service teachers to work effectively in racially and ethnically diverse classrooms.

Joining TDSi allows you to:

  • Participate in discussions
  • Save your survey results
  • Access premium content
  • Create a group
  • Collaborate with members of your group.

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