Recommended Texts

Banks, J.A. (2009, 8th Edition.) Teaching strategies for ethnic studies. Boston: Pearson Education/Allyn & Bacon.   ISBN-10: 0205594271 • ISBN-13: 9780205594276
Note: An excellent, highly readable text that fills in much of the knowledge teachers are lacking about other cultures.

Gollnick, D. M., & Chinn, P. C. (2013). Multicultural education in a pluralistic society (9th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
Note: The ninth edition was designed to introduce prospective teachers to the different cultural groups to which students and their families belong. In this time of extensive standardized testing, we must remember that students are the center of teaching. We have to understand and build on their cultures and experiences to help them learn at the highest levels.

Grant, C. & Sleeter, C.E. (2009). Turning on learning. Five approaches for multicultural teaching plans for race, gender, and disability. (6th ed.) Columbus: Merrill. – ISBN 978-0-470-38370-4
Note: A book on lesson plans! Every grade, every subject with illustrations of traditional lesson plans and the multicultural version.

Lee, E.; Menkart, D. & Okazawa-Rey, M. (2008). Beyond heroes and holidays: A practical guide to K-12 multicultural, anti-racist education and staff development. Washington, DC: Teaching for Change.
ISBN: 978-1878554178
Note: The classic book on how to teach multicultural concepts in the classroom. This book is filled with activities and exercises.

Nieto, S., & Bode, P. (2011). Affirming diversity: The sociopolitical context of multicultural education, 6th ed. New York: Allyn & Bacon. – ISBN-10: 013136734X     ISBN-13: 978-0131367340
Note: One of the most commonly-used textbooks in courses on multicultural education. This text is wonderful in explaining the theory behind multicultural education.

Takaki, R. (2008). A different mirror: A history of multicultural america. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. – ISBN-10: 0316022365   ISBN-13: 978-0316022361
Note: The late Ronald Takaki is recognized as the first person to develop and teach courses on ethnic studies. His classic work reads like a novel but so vibrantly illustrates the cultural history of the peoples of this country.