June, 2012

The Shop Class Stigma: What Title IX Didn’t Change

The Shop Class Stigma: What Title IX Didn’t Change by Claudio Sanchez NPR – June 23, 2012 Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon signed Title IX, which said no person shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from any education program or activity. Vocational education courses that barred girls — such as auto mechanics, […]


Selected articles on the 40th Aniversary of Title IX

Title IX, 40 years later: Brad Smith, in his words OregonLive.com “Some people have asked why I didn’t want to take a ‘step up’ to coaching boys, but to be blunt, I never saw it that way. I was looking for winners. And we had … See all stories on this topic » What effects […]


Understanding Kids Who Bully

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sandra-dupont/bullying_b_1581828.html We are in the midst of an epidemic. One in 7 kids suffer from it. It destroys lives and can have fatal consequences. It’s bullying. As a teen therapist in Los Angeles, I work with a diverse, multi-cultural population of clientele. The number of families I work with expressing concern that their children are […]