Selected articles on the 40th Aniversary of Title IX
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Title IX, 40 years later: Brad Smith, in his words
“Some people have asked why I didn’t want to take a ‘step up’ to coaching boys, but to be blunt, I never saw it that way. I was looking for winners. And we had
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What effects will Title IX have in next 40 years?
Title IX, the landmark legislation that bans sex discrimination in schools, whether it be in academics or athletics, turns 40 on Saturday. What effect do you see
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STEM Title IX Before it Hits the Classroom
Huffington Post (blog)
With such an emphasis on the underrepresentation of women in math and science, it’s important to remember that this is not the whole story.
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Jeff Jacobs: Title IX leveled more than one playing field
BRISTOL, Conn. – Billie Jean King talked about Bobby Riggs and Maria Sharapova. Lyn St. James talked about Danica Patrick. Chris McKendry, who hosted…
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With Saturday marking the 40th anniversary of Title IX becoming law, The Associated Press has a package of stories, accompanied by photos and video.
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Dallas Green’s daughter pioneered Title IX spirit
Philadelphia Daily News
KIM GREEN was 9 years old when she was on the “The Mike Douglas Show.” On the air with her that day in the spring of 1974 was Marlo Thomas, the actress
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On Title IX’s 40th Birthday, Gender Gap Persists (blog)
On June 23, 1972, President Nixon signed into law Title IX, prohibiting gender discrimination in any federally financed education program;a gender gap persists.
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More than a dream
The Atlanta Games are often called the “Title IX Olympics” for the U.S., because so many of the female athletes competing on the courts, fields and tracks grew
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A possible unintended consequence of Title IX
The Seattle Times
Nearly 16 years ago, Michael Tatham was a typical 17-year old. He was fiery and passionate. He had a temper, but cared deeply for people. Michael wasn’t built
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