August, 2013

Concerns about students being harassed on the job?

Youth@Work The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission developed Youth@Work to educate young workers about their workplace rights and responsibilities and to help employers create positive work experiences for young adults. Youth@Work has three main components: Youth@Work web site is dedicated to educating young workers about their equal employment opportunity rights and responsibilities. The web site explains […]


Kentucky’s attorney general asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review decision that students must be Mirandized when questioned by a school official if an SRO is present

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court, says an Associate Press (AP) report in the Courier-Journal, asking it to overturn a ruling by the Kentucky Supreme Court that requires school officials to Mirandize students before questioning them in the presence of a school resource officer.  The state supreme court threw out a student’s […]