June, 2017

Pregnancy as a Disability? Khan v. Midwestern University

The facts (combined from both decisions) Ayesha Khan enrolled as a medical student at Midwestern University in fall 2010. 3.5 years into the program, in early 2013, Ms. Khan became pregnant. Like many women, Ms. Khan suffered from physical ailments during her pregnancy, including Fatigue, Nausea, Gestational diabetes, and Clinical depression and anxiety disorder (due […]


Why The National Women’s Law Center Knew It Had To Sue Betsy DeVos

In her four months in office, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has already racked up her share of critics, who have raised concerns about her qualifications, her support for school choice programs, and her ability to protect LGBTQ students. Now, she can officially count the National Women’s Law Center as another. On Monday, the NWLC […]