Ending K-12 Sexual Harassment: A Toolkit for Parents and Allies

Dear Gender Equity Advocates and Friends of SSAIS,

Today we’re releasing the new  free resource “Ending K-12 Sexual Harassment: A Toolkit for Parents and Allies.”  It includes a new PSA with adults talking about the impact of sexual harassment on K-12 students. It draws on experts’ clips from Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! and lists the procedures parents/allies can take to protect students. There’s also a new Title IX checklist, links to fact sheets, information for girls of color (referencing NWLC, Girls for Gender Equity, Alliance for Girls websites), and fact sheets for LGBTQ students.  The toolkit also addresses sexual harassment in private schools and educator abuse (with links to SESAME and TAALK).

It’s imperative that we get this material into the hands of parents and students’ allies.  You’re welcome to embed the PSA on your websites–preferably by linking to the YouTube so we can track views.  Please include a link to the toolkit too.

Watch the PSA  https://bit.ly/2HUGfI4

View the toolkit with PSA link http://stopsexualassaultinschools.org/toolkit/

The new toolkit encourages the public to protect students before it’s too late.  We’d appreciate your help disseminating this information!



Esther Warkov, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Co-Founder



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