Invitation to join list serve devoted to K-12 sexual harassment

Gender equity advocates,

Each day we see new initiatives to erode students’ civil rights. One way SSAIS is fighting back is by forming a coalition of K-12 activists and advocates to amplify each other’s voice. The purpose of the new listserve is to share our activism, to discuss strategies, and promote each other’s efforts–to create a synergistic effect!  

Please consider joining the  Coalition Against Sexual Harassment (CASHK12) listserve and/or forward this invitation to like-minded allies.

“. . . if we do not bring a serious focus to the problem of sexual harassment and assault in elementary and secondary schools, it will be nearly impossible to make real progress at any other level of education. Too often the story of sexual violence in K-12 schools shows administrators who are poorly informed about their Title IX obligations or avoid taking the necessary steps required by Title IX to end and prevent future harassment.”–Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO National Women’s Law Center,  inaugural blog for SSAIS 9/15.

Many thanks,



Esther Warkov, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Co-Founder


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