She Was Raped by a Classmate. She Still Had to Go to School With Him.

“Bill Howe, the former state Title IX coordinator for Connecticut, said that in his 17 years visiting districts to train employees, he regularly encountered officials who had little understanding of the requirements under the law. What most likely happened in this school is typical of many schools — no training, poor training, or they might have a policy but it’s not fully explained,” Mr. Howe said.”

The case jolted a working-class town, prompting a walkout by students and a debate over whether school officials are equipped to address sexual assault.

NIAGARA, N.Y. — She saw him when she got off the school bus, she recalled. She noticed him glaring at her from the doorway during theater class and track practice. Some days, he would walk so close to her in the corridors that their shoulders almost touched. She felt disgusted, she said, and then frightened.

For nine months, the girl said, she could not escape Elias Dowdy, a fellow senior at her upstate New York high school who had raped her in his bedroom.