What to do when K-12 schools don’t follow Title IX – Adele P. Kimmel

In this excerpt from Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! Public Justice Senior Attorney Adele P. Kimmel explains schools’ responsibilities to address sexual harassment and assault. Watch the full video at http://bit.ly/2q6dVqt and Part 2 at http://bit.ly/2pvZZs8 Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! is an empowering video for middle and high school students, K-12 parents, schools, and community organizations. It’s about gender equality in education, students’ protections under Title IX, and much more. As high school students plan for their new gender equality group, we watch them interview nationally recognized education, legal, and LGBTQ experts and learn from counselors, advocates, and students. The video provides practical information on how to address sexual harassment and assault when it impacts a student’s education. Students and experts present powerful yet simple ways to make schools safe and free from sex discrimination. Visit SSAIS.org/video to learn how to bring Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! to your audience free of charge. Share it widely using the Presentation Guide to start the conversation!


Chief of Army addresses allegations of unacceptable behaviour

Published on Jun 12, 2013

Message from the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, to the Australian Army following the announcement on Thursday, 13 June 2013 of civilian police and Defence investigations into allegations of unacceptable behaviour by Army members.


Chief of Army addresses allegations of unacceptable behaviour

13 June 2013 | Media Release

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO today announced the suspension of three members of the Australian Army and that action had been initiated to consider the suspension of another five Army members, pending the outcome of civilian police and Defence investigations into allegations of unacceptable behaviour.

The investigations relate to evidence that a group of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Australian Army allegedly produced and distributed highly inappropriate material demeaning women, across both Defence computer systems and the public internet.

The production and distribution of the material dates back to 2010 and also appears to make veiled reference to drug use.

“There is no place for this behaviour in our Army, and in a Defence Force that prides itself on teamwork, courage and respect, and where women and men work alongside each other as colleagues and professionals,” Lieutenant General Morrison said.

“It brings the Australian Army into disrepute and betrays all those whose service has established its enviable status among our citizens.

“I am, of course, cognisant of the need to keep an open mind and to let the evidence speak in regard to how these men are dealt with, but I view the allegations that are being made in the gravest light.”

The three Army members already suspended are the subject of an ongoing investigation by New South Wales Police.

The Army today initiated action to consider the suspension of another five members who are the subject of a parallel Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) investigation into a number of alleged Service offences. The ADFIS investigation is also ongoing.

Pending the outcome of the ongoing ADFIS investigation, the Army may consider further suspension decisions against nine others if the circumstances warrant.

ADFIS is also investigating a further 90 individuals who have been identified as peripheral to the group’s email exchanges. These 90 individuals are predominantly Army members.

Where any serious case is proven, the Chief of Army is resolved to take every step available to remove the individual responsible from the Army.

“If proven, these allegations could lead to the imposition of punishment, to these individuals being discharged from the Australian Army,” Lieutenant General Morrison said.

“After the significant effort we have made to encourage women to enlist and remain in the Army, I am extremely concerned at what appears to have been uncovered.

“In the wake of the ADFA ‘Skype’ case, and the series of inquiries and reviews into various aspects of the ADF culture and military justice over the last 20 years, the leadership of the ADF no longer accepts the ‘bad apple’ argument when one of these incidents occurs.

“These behaviours are symptoms of a systemic problem and we will continue to address them in a comprehensive manner, through Defence’s Pathway to Change strategy.”

Army and Defence are engaging with and providing support to those women who have been affected by these allegations.

Defence is also providing support to those personnel who are the subject of these allegations.

Media note:
A transcript of today’s media conference will be available at http://news.defence.gov.au/.

Images from the media conference will be available at http://images.defence.gov.au/S20130335.

Media contact:
Defence Media Operations (02) 6127 1999


Free Webinar: Title IX: Preventing Harassment and Sexual Violence

What should educators and parents know about preventing and responding to harassment and sexual violence? Join the Region X Equity Assistance Center at Education Northwest on Thursday, September 26, 2013, 8–9:15 a.m., PDT for a free webinar on this important topic.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 has played a critical role in addressing gender inequities and discrimination in our schools and communities. We’ve made progress during the last 40 years, but sexual harassment is still a reality for millions of students, especially girls. This webinar will provide up-to-date information about harassment, sexual harassment, and cyberharassment, including:

  • The legal requirements of Title IX for schools and community organizations
  • How educators and parents can identify and prevent gender inequities
  • How educators and parents should respond to sexual harassment

The webinar is intended for teachers, administrators, school counselors, behavior specialists, parents, and education stakeholders who are concerned about sexual harassment and gender equity in their schools or districts.

Our panel of experts will also offer technical assistance resources to help schools and parents understand the Title IX legal protections that schools must provide each and every student.

Register now for this free and informative event.

Webinar participants will hear from the following experts in the field:

Dr. Bill Howe is a leading expert on culturally responsive education, multicultural education, bullying and harassment, and gender equity. As the Connecticut State Title IX Coordinator, he has firsthand knowledge of practical strategies to help schools prevent and respond to harassment and sexual violence.  Howe is coauthor of Becoming a Multicultural Educator: Developing Awareness, Gaining Skills, and Taking Action” (2014, SAGE) and the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity through Education, 2nd Edition. He also serves on the Connecticut Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission and was Past President of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME).














Ms. Marta Larson specializes in developing and implementing programs that focus on race, gender, and national equity in schools and districts. In 2011, she was named Educator of the Year by the Wisconsin State Human Relations Association. Currently, she manages the Michigan Girls Collaborative Project and is an administrator for the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education (AGELE).










Ms. Joyce Harris has been the director of the Region X Equity Assistance Center (EAC) at Education Northwest since 1994. The EAC is one of 10 federally funded technical assistance centers serving K-12 public schools in the areas of race, gender and national origin equity in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap).  Harris provides training and technical assistance to K-12 public schools in the areas of equitable teaching and learning; school-based harassment, bullying, and violence; culturally responsive teaching and multicultural education; sheltered instruction; federal anti-discrimination laws, policies and civil rights compliance; school, community, and family engagement; and capacity building for educators and parents.











Learn more and register for “Title IX: Preventing Harassment and Sexual Violence.”

If you have questions about the registration process, please contact Mitch.Rymeski@EducationNorthwest.org, 503.275.9517.


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