Title IX Coordinators

State and Large School District Title IX Gender Equity Coordinators, Methods of Administration Coordinators, & other State level Gender Equity Experts

We finally have an updated Oct 2019 list of our State and large City Title IX Coordinators on our FMF education equity website in various places. Latest list of Title IX and MOA Coordinators


Title IX at 45

The 45th anniversary of Title IX, the groundbreaking antidiscrimination law ensuring protection against sex discrimination in education, is this June. Experts weigh in on progress made in recent years, and what is needed to ensure it continues. By Sandra Guy, SWE Contributor Rising above partisanship and gender politics, Title IX has historically garnered support from […]


Title IX — April 24, 2015 USDOE Office for Civil Rights Dear Colleague Letter

On Friday, April 24, 2015 the USDOE Office for Civil Rights released a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) to school districts, colleges, and universities reminding them of their obligation to designate a Title IX coordinator. The Dear Colleague Letter is accompanied by a letter to Title IX coordinators that provides them with more information about their […]