Title IX & Bullying Information on Websites

I am coming across numerous situations in which people cannot find critical documents on school websites. The following should be easily found in a school website by typing the words in a “search box” on your site. Test your own site to see if you can find:


·        “Title IX”

·        “sexual harassment”

·        “nondiscrimination statement”

·        “Title IX Coordinator”


·        “Bullying”

·        “Bullying Policy”

·        “Safe school climate plans” [Note that Public Act 11- 232, AN ACT CONCERNING THE STRENGTHENING OF SCHOOL BULLYING LAWS requires explicitly that this be posted on your website.]

·        “Safe School Climate Coordinator”

·        “Safe school climate specialist”

·        “Safe School Climate Committee”


·         “504 Coordinator”

·        “504/ADA”

·        “grievance procedure”

·        “complaint process”

·         “policies”

·        “student handbook”

·        “employee handbook”

·        “board policies”


I am sure I might be missing some other words. By adding these words to your web, people will be able to find information faster. Speak to whoever does your website about this. Your web/IT person should understand this as adding “keywords” or “meta-tags” into the website. I am asking our own SDE web person to consider this also. Please think about doing this. It will make life easier.