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Program Dates:
December 2-9, 2005



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Meet the Delegates

A delegation of professionals specializing in multicultural education  participating in bilateral exchanges with their professional counterparts in China, under the auspices of
People to People
Ambassador Programs.


Dr. William A. Howe
Consultant for  Multicultural Education
Connecticut State Dept of Education
Hartford, CT

Workshop Presentation:
Multicultural Education in the U. S.

Rita Becker

Hilton Head SC
Hilton Head Preparatory School
Social Studies Coordinator

Martha Kermott
History Teacher
Brentwood School, Los Angeles CA

Workshop Presentation :
Comparing/Contrasting Chinese and American Education

Dr. Nelly McFeely
New Haven USD
Oakland CA

Dr. Claus Reschke

Retired Professor
Temple TX

Workshop Presentation:
Multicultural Teacher Education in the U.S.


Cathy Van Lierop
Tech Writer Consultant
Bellevue KY
December 2-9, 2005

Journal and Photos


World Clock

Friday, Dec. 2, 2005
    Day 1: New York  (depart at 9:20 pm EST) , Los Angeles or San Francisco to Beijing


Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005
    Day 2: En Route - 
Cross the International Date Line

Sunday,  Dec. 4, 2005 - arrive Sunday, 11:20 AM China time (Saturday, 10:20 PM EST)
    Day 3: Beijing

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Beijing is not only the political and administrative center of the People’s Republic of China, but also China’s single greatest repository of monuments and treasures from the imperial era. It is the second largest and fastest growing municipality in modern China, the home and workplace of 12 million people.

Program briefing: Discuss the political and cultural diversity of China and receive further information on the delegation. Welcome Dinner.

Monday,  Dec. 5, 2005
     Day 4: Beijing

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Professional Program: Opening Ceremony with keynote speaker(s)

Professional program focusing on:
>How teachers are trained and certified in China

>The role of the central government in determining education policy

>Dinner with invited guests.


Tuesday,  Dec. 6, 2005
     Day 5: Beijing

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Professional Program: Closing Ceremony

Professional program focusing on:
>The curriculum used in teacher preparation programs
>What students are taught regarding civil rights and civic responsibility

Wednesday,  Dec. 7, 2005
    Day 6: Beijing

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Today delegates will have to opportunity for site visits in both the morning and afternoon. This will provide the opportunity to observe Chinese professionals in their own element and setting.

A farewell banquet on the final evening in China will give delegates and guests a chance to recap their People to People experience.

Thursday,  Dec. 8, 2005
     Day 7: Beijing

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In the morning, delegates and guests will visit the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace), whose massive stone walls were once the residence of Ming and Qing emperors.

This afternoon visit the Great Wall of China, from whose high vantage points visitors enjoy breathtaking views of the sections of the wall that meander through the mountainous landscape.

Friday,  Dec. 9, 2005
    Day 8: Beijing to Los Angeles or San Francisco

Optional Extension to Xi’an and Guilin
At one time the largest city in the world, Xi’an is an excellent example of imperial splendor and served as the capital of 11 dynasties. The 1974 discovery of the astonishing burial site of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi (third century B.C.), made Xi’an world-famous and is now a must-see cultural landmark.

Revered by China and the rest of the world for its mystic landscapes and magnificent geologic
features – including the meandering Li River, natural stone towers and rolling, green
plains – Guilin has inspired poets and artists for centuries.

Friday,  Dec. 9, 2005
     Day One – Arrive in Xi’an

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Spend an afternoon delving into the impressive exhibits of the Shaanxi Provincial Museum, which boasts one of the richest collections of ancient artifacts in China. You will have the chance to view a vast array of notable objects, from ancient sandstone and granite animal figures to Neolithic pottery and jewelry.

Saturday,  Dec. 10, 2005
    Day Two – Eternally at Attention


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A morning excursion will take you to the site of the famous Qin terra cotta warriors. These 6,000 life-size statues of soldiers and horses perpetually stand guard over the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of a united China, and face east in preparation for battle.

After a refreshing lunch, view the Wild Goose Pagoda and the Drum Tower. Built in the early eighth century, the pagoda is considered one of the city’s most distinctive and outstanding landmarks.

Sunday,  Dec. 11, 2005
     Day Three – Arrive in Guilin

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Enjoy an afternoon excursion to the Reed Flute Caves, some of the most famous in Guilin. The caves are so vast, up to 1,000 people can fit inside one of its underground grottos. A 500-meter trail snakes through unusual formations, which under colored lights resemble coral, agate, amber and jade.

Monday,  Dec. 12, 2005
    Day Four – Li River Cruise

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A leisurely cruise on the Li River winds past remarkable rock formations such as the Lotus-flower Crag and Elephant Trunk Hill. The uniquely shaped karst rock formations and solitude of the villages lost in green bamboo groves give one the impression of a living scroll painting and make the excursion a memorable experience.

Explore the town of
Yangshuo en route back to Guilin and polish off the trip with a farewell dinner at a local restaurant.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2005
     Day Five - Depart for the United States

Fly back to New York City,
Los Angeles or San Francisco today via Hong Kong.




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