“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” ― Confucius

Cuba2015 (photos with Canon Powershot SX4O HS by Bill Howe)





From  Saturday, July 11, 2015 to Saturday, July 18, 2015 a group of 19 people travel to Cuba on an educational tour sponsored by the National Association for Multicultural Education.  This was an historic visit since it was held the week before the United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relationships. The mood was very exciting and positive in Cuba and we were made very welcome in their country. In the next several pages you will see images from our trips. Many people have asked about the details of visiting Cuba so they will be added here on an ongoing basis. Please come back regularly to see updates.


Sat. July 11

Hotel Paseo Habana 
Calle 17, Esquina a A , Vedado, 
Havana 10400, Cuba

Sun July 12

9:00 AM Walking tour in Habana Vieja. Explore the historical and oldest district of Havana; walk along Plaza Vieja, Mercaderes street, Plaza de Armas, and the Cathedral.

12:30 PM Lunch in Old Havana

2:00 PM Visit the Revolution Square.

3:00 PM Meeting with members of the Community Project Espiral a grassroots project dedicated to educate young people on environmental issues and sustainable development.


Mon. July 13

9:00 AM Meeting with representatives of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)

10:30 AM: Visit to the Callejón de Hammel, a street cultural center led by painter and a muralist Salvador González Escalona. His internationally known artwork deals with the roots and influences of

African religions in Cuba. Meet with Elias Asser, specialist on Afro-

Cuban religion and general manager of Gonzalez Escalona’s gallery.

12:00 PM: Visit the home and art studio of ceramist and painter José Fuster.

12:30 PM Lunch at his art studio

2:00 PM Drive through Mirarmar and Vedado Districts Havana and visit to the Hotel Nacional a city icon from 1930s.


Tues. July 14

9:00 AM Visit to a farmer market in Vedado.

10:00 AM Visit and meeting with representatives of the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX)

12:30 PM Lunch at a Paladar

3:00 PM Meeting with representatives of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC)

6:30 PM Drive to El Morro and La Cabaña Fortress

7:00 PM Group dinner at El Cañonazo

8:00 PM Cañonazo de las 9: Cultural activity that includes cannon firing ceremony

Wed. July 15

8:00 AM Departure for Las Terrazas, Artemisa –

9:30 AM Visit Las Terrazas, a biosphere reserve and national park in the Sierra del about his art community project.

Tour Vedado Downtown, the Anti-imperialist Tribune, University of

at flank of fortress La Cabaña (cover included) Rosario of Pinar del Rio. Visit the ruins of a coffee plantation, slave master house and the Barracones. Walk around the community of 1000 inhabitants and meet local artists, Learn about the history of this community funded in 1970 and the massive reforestation program implemented in the early 1970s.

12:30 PM Lunch at Casa del Campesino

2:30 PM San Juan River

Thu July 16

9:00 AM Visit the Literacy Campaign Museum and meet History Professor Luisa Campos and Director of the Museum. Discussion on the educational system in Cuba and the importance for Afro-Cubans

11:00 AM Visit to the Museum of the Revolution

12:30 PM Lunch in Old Havana

2:00 PM Visit the Museum of Fine Arts


Fri July 17

10:00 AM  Attend Flea Market to purchase artwork, etc…

Afternoon Tour Havana

6:30 PM Farewell dinner

8:30 PM Farewell party with Cuban guests (Birthday Celebrations!)